The Pivotal Role of DAF Plants in Industrial Wastewater Purification Technique

Wastewater management is a wonderful technique that not only saves the environment but also helps in the reuse of waste water. In order to make effective reuse of wastewater, various types of water purification processes are undertaken. One such water purification process widely used is dissolved air flotation. This process also called as DAF is widely adopted for industrial water purification. This procedure is so popular that James Dunn in an article published in ‘the Daily Telegraph’ on September 30, 2015, writes that some of the manufacturers of DAF plants export nearly 80% of air Flotation plant production to several European and Asian Countries.

Dissolved Air Flotation

The utility of DAF plant:

This dissolved air flotation plant is used to separate suspended matters like the oil and other hard materials like the grease and fats from the industrial wastewater. Wherever necessary, appropriate chemicals are also added in order to facilitate this separation of suspended matter from the industrial wastewater.

Application of DAF:

The dissolved air flotation procedure can be an ideal process for industries like the poultry farming, egg and meat processing, laundry, recycling of plastic, milk and dairy products, pulp and paper manufacturing industries, food processing including bakery and confectionary manufacturing, personal care product industries and a variety of similar industries.

Innovative designs:

With continued innovation, the process of Dissolved Air Flotation in Sydney has undergone tremendous changes. The traditional open tanks with mechanical separators have been replaced with polyethylene and stainless steel tanks. The mechanical separators have been replaced with hydraulic float removal technology. All such innovative designs have helped in carrying out wastewater purification with greater reliability.

Varieties of designs of DAF plants:

The  DAF plants are normally custom designed depending on the quantity and the type of industrial wastewater. For example, the Sydney dissolved air flotation plant is available in different designs like the circular bridge supported DAF, Column bridge supported DAF and the rectangular design DAF and so on.

The process of purification:

The efficiency of DAF plant is largely dependent on certain issues like the design of air to solid ratio, simulation efficiency, the process of mixing influent, processing in the saturation tank and such other related procedure. That means you must find dissolved air flotation Sydney wide where every purification process is effectively carried out.

Discuss your requirement:

Before buying the plant, you must have a detailed discussion about the type of DAF plant required for your industry. You must ensure the manufacturers possess a valid license to manufacture and market the DAF plant that you are looking for. You should also evaluate the expertise of the manufacturers in designing and installation of such plants. You should also obtain necessary warranty on the plant that you are planning to install.

Effective after sales service:

The manufacturers should provide you with effective after sales service. Some of the manufacturers even undertake to maintain the DAF plant at affordable service charges. In order to get a closer insight into the various aspects of DAF plant, you may visit Wherever required you may even send a mail or talk to the representative of the manufacturers on issues like the design, installation and cost of the DAF plants. Further, you may also carefully go through the review so as to evaluate the efficiency of DAF plant and also about the after sales service and the cost of the plant.

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